Molekue Fashion

Bespoke clothes and accessories


As  a young chubby teenager, it was at one point I was still expanding in size when my uncle a Tailor came to my rescue measured me up then created several pairs of trousers for me. Fascinated by the finished items this spur me on and left a lasting impression for years to come.

Bespoke clothes and accessories include arm wrists, bags hats and scarves in the finest cottons, suedes, silks and exotic leathers. Unique in screened printings and laser cuttings styled as one-off pieces also customised cloths and accessories.  

Artistic pieces befit for those with class, style and panache. Worked with the likes of Jonathan Ross, Graham Norton, Courtney Pine, Spice Girl, Brand New Heavies and Brenda Emmanus etc.

"Designer look with a personal touch".

- Evan -


"You can even sample or experience the joy of wearing or using one of these exclusive pieces of mines".

- Evan -